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The PlayStation 5 stops working by inserting an SSD with NVMe technology

The PlayStation 5 stops working by inserting an SSD with NVMe technology

Increase internal memory capacity by PlayStation 5 This is considered essential for many players, but what if you try a plug SSD NVM Inside? It will happen The Sony console didn’t even launch.

The question should be pointed out Digital Foundry, Which has recently been tested with various external SSDs used for the PS5. The console does not currently support the ability to use this particular type of SST, which is why we will try to insert it to expand its memory capacity. So, for now, you can only use external USB drives to store all the game data on the new Sony console, which is one of the most interesting features introducedPS5 April update. Now, thanks to this important addition, you can quickly transfer PS5 captions from internal storage to external USB storage.

Anyway, M2 SST support for the PS5 is expected to arrive in the summer, according to a Bloomberg reportThis allows the console to run smoothly using NVM support. Additional updates for the console are pending, we remind you of that The PS5 became the best-selling console in the United States in the first 5 months: Is the result of greater importance, despite difficulties in terms of shares currently listed around the world.

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