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The player visits Inasuma with a disorder and seven hours of effort -

The player visits Inasuma with a disorder and seven hours of effort –

Update 2.00 The impact of Jenshi Added a new great game area, இனசுமா. The area could only be reached after reaching a high level, but only one player was able to get around this limit Disorder And a full seven hours of effort.

Since the introduction of the Inasuma archipelago, some soldiers have not met the need to join forces and reach new territory.Record ranking Level 30.

Achieve the goal by sea, avoiding the problem of resistance of the characters who do not have the worst intentions: Use the characters with cryo-class powers to create the longest ice bridge, thus reaching the goal after about twenty. Travel minutes. The developers of the brilliant, but apparently Jenshi impact had already predicted a similar solution. In fact, when the tricksters are very close to Inasuma Una Lightning series Thus in most cases their efforts are frustrated.

The impact of Jenshi

However, when all hope seemed in vain, one player, dezeadmf, was able to find a tricky solution to avoid the counter-actions of miYoHO: Disorder Connected to the Internet. In practice, by activating and deactivating the connection at the right intervals, the player was able to achieve Inasuma safely and loudly, avoiding “divine punishment”.

Dezeadmf explains that “use the Ice Bridge until lightning strikes, then pause the game from the Byman menu and disconnect from the Internet” Mail. “Continue the game and swim for 10 – 20 seconds (depending on your device), then pause and restart the internet connection for 3 – 5 seconds, then turn it off again and so on.

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A complicated process, the company took 7 hours to complete. Was it worth it? Descendants will judge.