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The Play Store now allows you to download games on Windows

The Play Store now allows you to download games on Windows

Google has officially introduced a beta trial period for Google Play games running on Windows. But for now, only users from certain areas can try Crossplay.

Google did not say anything specific about how Google plans to support Cross-Play, but said it would install apps developed by Google on their computer, however, according to users who might try it. , There is no such need. . For some, the “Download in Windows” button will appear on the desktop version of Google Play, and clicking on it will download a file that can run for Windows.

However, your Google Play Store will not have that extra button, as the initial beta release will only be in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but users outside of these regions may be able to try it out. Well. So at this point it is a bit dark, but the development process seems to be moving fast and you can quickly play your favorite Android games on PC as well. Google has already asked game developers to upgrade games to work with the keyboard and mouse instead of simple touch controls.


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