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The physical version of the switch requires an additional download -

The physical version of the switch requires an additional download –

With the American chain target, we have the opportunity to find out The physics version of the GTA is the definitive version of the trilogy You still have to do it Download Tamil Get a piece of game content.

Precisely, we can see it Cover di GTA The trilogy It says: “Download required. See overview”. Unfortunately, at this time there is no image showing the back of the box, so it is not clear what kind of content is only available through download. It could be one of the games in the trilogy or some small component.

San Francisco Bridge from GDA The Trilogy

According to the Nintendo eShop, the space occupied by the GTA The Trilogy is approximate 22 GB. In theory, this should not be a problem with the 32GB cartridge – all three games should be fully on physical media. However, it seems that the digital version requires additional download for GTA Vice City.

In fact, the digital version of the GDA The Trilogy is presented as a collection of three separate games. GTA 3 weighs 2.2GB, San Andreas 10.8 and up Vice City separate 119 MB. On the Vice City page there is an inscription that is not on other pages: “Estimated location for download is 6.5 GB”. It is not clear why Vice City is being handled differently: the game is not yet complete, so Rockstar has not yet had the opportunity to load the game into Eshop, and it’s not in printing the physical versions. You can insert the game in the cartridge, regardless of the space available. But this is a guess, be careful.

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We also point out that the GTA trilogy removes the federal flag from the game: Is the GTA politically correct?