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The Philips Hue app gets a mask and releases new functions

The Philips Hue app gets a mask and releases new functions

Signify has provided the 4th generation of its use. Providing a more intuitive and now “multi-user geolocation” function, the Image application is now able to detect multiple users at home.

Significi (formerly Phillips Hue) has no 3 without 4! The expert in attached lighting is already drawing the fourth generation of its hue application. This latest version should be more intuitive and offer new welcome features while retaining key components From the previous version.

Among the innovations, Philips Hue seems to want to focus on the new multi-user geolocation function (“back home” and “left home”). This function includes the Hue app in the house to detect the presence of another user so that the lights stay on as long as one person is in the house. Thus, every user with the app can select their favorite light shots.

“Automations” changes “routines”

Additionally, for this 4th generation, the popular “Custom” tab is now renamed to “Automation”. If this is a detail for us, it means a lot to Philips Hue, because this new tab offers new visual customizations by integrating in specific entertainment lights. Imitation sign or imitation play, Which simulates the lights to be broadcast on television (via the Hue Sync application).

The “Alarm Clock” and “Sunset” menus allow you to set alarms to stay awake or sleep slowly. It is now possible to automate this practice to actually turn the lights on or off depending on the sunset or sunrise. The user can also select a specific time to get up or go to bed if desired.

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Salon refers to, “More than a hundred improvements, large and small, have been made“To make the interface more intuitive. The 4th generation is already available, but Signify has already announced that an update will be available this summer and there will be new light displays.