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The perfect tool for escaping video conferencing

The perfect tool for escaping video conferencing

What could be better than a tool that generates annoying sounds to save an extended video conference? According to Sam Lewigne, the creator of Zoom Escape, nothing.

Credit: Alexandre_Koch via Pixie

The Telecommunications It starts to weigh in on some people’s morale, it shows. Many see themselves as helpless in the sense of being another Video conference They try as much as they can to cover up the very practical background of Google Meeting or Zoom, while others prefer to run the webcam card, which does not work or is not integrated into the computer (although) covered by a piece of black tape. Sam Levine is one of those people who can’t speak on a screen all day. This is why he invented the most practical tool for answering the name Zoom Escape.

As the name suggests, this is the perfect platform to escape from video conferencing, using a well-rated sound generator. The Zoom Escape creates sounds, each annoying more than the next, and it can be exaggerated with each other for maximum effect. In total, eight are different: Echoes, bad connection, crying baby, crying man, wind, dog barking, building noise and one person urinating. Some of these sounds should be taken clearly in the tone of the joke, as the last show shows, while others can be very effective in reducing a difficult conversation.

Obviously, these tools should be used sparingly at the risk of getting your hand in the bag, and they are certainly not recommended by professional ethics. Zoom creator Escare clarified on Twitter that it works just like Zoom on all other video calling sites like Google Meat. This site currently only works with the Google Chrome browser and is completely free. Sam Levine has released a tutorial video explaining how to use different sound dimmers.


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