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Ducky One 3: “Quack Mechanics” meets wild colors

Picture: Ducky

Third generation ducky keyboards are offered in four sizes. Hot-swappable buttons, different colors and “Quack Mechanics” are new. There are four characteristics that, as a “design philosophy”, should be a kind of promise of quality.

These key features include ducky keycaps made of PBT plastic with ducky shot lettering, stable housing with “balanced weight distribution”, and enhanced and improved background noise with insulation made from two-layer rubber compounds and foam. Stabilizers under large keys.

Significantly different

The third generation of one is visually different from its predecessors in that it has a flat case and, above all, a color scheme. The black and white versions are off the range, with two-tone variants available in Daybreak (gray / blue), matcha (brown / olive green) and pink (violet / pink). Additionally, the One 3 yellow version is offered in completely yellow.

Many buttons are provided, and more is possible

Ducky offers a large range of buttons. The keyboard comes with copies of Cherry’s MX-RGB series including MX Clear. The MX Clear is similar to the MX Brown, but has a higher pressure point and requires more power to trigger due to the strong spring. The buttons were recently socketed. This means they can be exchanged without a soldering iron. In addition to the cherry buttons, variations from other manufacturers that follow the MX model can also be used.

The keyboards are equipped with RGB lighting, N-key rollover and a USB-C connector with removable cable. Macro and multimedia functions are implemented using dual assignments, and the entire configuration up to ducky lighting is done directly via the keyboard, which is typical for a ducky. The company does not use any software.

Four layouts up to 200 euros

The One 3 is again offered as a mini at 60 percent layout and SF at 65 percent layout. In addition, there is a standard version that is tenkeyless and uncompromising. In mini form, the One 3 is on the retailer list for less than 140 euros, while the full-size Ducky One 3 marks the top end of the spectrum for 200 euros. Prices depend not only on the size, but also on the color and desired buttons. Keyboards will be available from mid-February.

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