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Freebox Revolution and Delta: P2F Multimedia Service Emerging with Many New Features

The P2F multimedia service is evolving with many new features

Freebox Revolution and Delta: P2F Multimedia Service Emerging with Many New Features

Specially designed for the Freebox Delta and the Revolution, the “Plex” client “P2F” updates itself and brings a share of new features

Flex is a popular multimedia service available on the Freebox Mini 4K, Freebox Revolution, Delta and One. Specially developed thanks to QML SDK, so this service is called “P2f” in Freebox. It allows you to access multimedia files on your computer from anywhere, including a freebox. The service can be downloaded for free at the Freebox Revolution Free Store, Freebox Delta and Freebox One. You can find our P2f tutorial on this page.

A major update is now in use, suitable for switching from qt 9 to qt 15 in the Freebox Delta. The program includes a number of new features, including search functionality and trailers (for movies), introductory skip for the series, the opportunity to download movies, collections or series, and the background of movies or series in many areas.

All news and updates on this new version of P2F

1. QT 5.15 Compatibility
2.1 Bugfix: Return of the orange band in the menu
2.2 Fix: No loss of posters for collection
2.3 Fix: Timeline during video
3.1 Improving and finalizing the management of filters
3.2 Filters and information below sorting (in a library by pressing the info key)
4. Scroll bar in libraries (left y / yMax, right / total page)
5. Add the “Last Added Series” category on the homepage
6. Update libraries for pages / collection / navigation through folder options
7. Possibility to force sound in 2.1
8. Series: Switch Introduction: Options parameter + record button on the remote control
9. Trailers, When Available on Image Sheet (Registration Key)
10. Menu / Plugins: Additional Videos (Trailer or “Behind the Scenes”: Only for Flex Pass holders)
11. Search function / shortcuts (video libraries)
12. Potential collections for series
13. Downloading Movies, Collections, Series (when someone shares their library with you, for example)
14. Playing movies or series in multiple areas

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P2F is a freemium application that offers its basic features for free, but also offers benefits to its buyers. Initially offered with a week of free trial, the premium version is usually offered for 85 3.85, but it is now available for free to everyone. In particular, it allows you to avoid entering your identifiers and parameters every time you use them.