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The open world game can be called Sonic Rangers

The open world game can be called Sonic Rangers

The upcoming Open World game may be called Sonic Rangers, according to a new rumor.

Some details about the recently unveiled game have been leaked, and it seems that Seka has also accidentally revealed the upcoming Sonic name.

Sonic Origins and Sonic Colors Ultimate are the latest announcements 35th Anniversary Stream As for the series, but the biggest revelation is definitely a new game in development for 2022. But we know nothing about this, except that the game is on and will be out next year. However, some leaks may have revealed important details about the game.

For starters, it seems that this game is called Sonic Rangers. As @PTKickass discovered on Twitter, the 4K version of the game’s teaser trailer has several references to the Rangers title. Now reported Eurocomer Sega sent out a message referring to the game by that name:

“Sonic Colors with the announcement of new console experiences: Ultimate and more details about Sonic Rangers, Netflix Sonic Prime, mobile news, music events and more!”

Sega has edited the press release to remove the name, and Sega said the message to PR Eurocam was incorrectly sent as an old version.

A leak from Sonic 2022 details appeared on 4chan earlier this year. 4chan leaks are always best taken very carefully, but this game is called Sonic Rangers, and there was a specific note that voice actor Roger Craig Smith will return.

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Sonic Rangers is an open world game that deals with platform challenges, puzzles and enemies. RPG components are also obvious because players who complete these objectives will be rewarded with XP, which can be used to unlock capabilities and upgrades in the skill tree. One of these skills is the new spincycle, in which Sonic draws a line behind him – once you complete a circle with this line, you attack all the enemies within that circle.

The lock-on is back, and there seem to be big bosses around the world who have to beat you to win the orbs, which is what it takes to get the ultimate boss. Also, Ubisoft’s towers seem to be quite confusing, while The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild resembles the Gorok seeds.

Sega says Sonic Rangers is not the name of the game, so it’s not even confirmed, but even so, there is nothing to say that all of the other details in the above mentioned leaks are correct. Things may have changed during development or they may never have been true.