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The OLED switch uses a 6-year-old processor, which is a little miraculous

The OLED switch uses a 6-year-old processor, which is a little miraculous

Nintendo’s brand new console Switch OLED has the same processor as the Classic Switch. The “brain” of these consoles is the 6-year-old component. Proof that you do not have to compete for new things to create quality gadgets.

Rumors of the Nintendo Switch “Pro” have been flooding the web for months, Nintendo has released an OLED switch Who, except His screen, Does not require any technological advancement compared to the previous model. Joy-Khan is one, autonomy is one, and above all, the processor is one.

6 year old chip

The Japanese manufacturer has not changed the brain of its console and has the same performance on all its models. The OLED switch has the same chip as the classic switch: a Tegra X1 released from Nvidia’s factories in 2015. This system has a very rare longevity in the field of mobile components.

Nvidia’s Tegra X1 is a mobile chip depicting the Nintendo Switch Volt // Source: Nvidia

Sold at the time Computing power is like a powerful chip capable of amplifying more than a teraflops, Tegra X1 is not really the best in this field today. This system is based on, taking care of both the source calculations and the graphics part of the switch Well engraved At 20 nanometers – today’s chips are engraved today At 5 or 7 nanometers. These technological advances make it possible to create more powerful processors that are more energy efficient, which manufacturers usually do not hesitate to accept.

Technology competition

However, Switch shows that it is possible to build a very popular device, with a rich and interesting list of games, without a race for technology. Nintendo proves that with time and resources, it can keep the mobile operating system up to date on processors for more than 5 years. An achievement that some builders can be proud of, Except for Apple.

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The switch is not the only device that still carries the Tegra X1. Shield TV Multimedia Box 2015 onwards Runs on the same chip, and will always be updated by Nvidia. Identify that the processor, which was released 6 years ago, was much earlier than its time. This is an indication that there is no need to run after power to create quality devices that will last over time.

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