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The Nintendo Switch will show you how to play more graphical extreme games

The Nintendo Switch will show you how to play more graphical extreme games

Nintendo has announced the Ultimate version of the controller – the cloud version for the switch. Here’s how the company keeps graphics-intensive games.

Psychic Thriller by Remedy Entertainment, Control, Is one of the most graphics-intensive games for both consoles and PC. However, Nintendo announced during its October Partner Showcase that the game is now available Final version of the controller – Cloud version For that Click Through its streaming service in the United States

Cloud streaming has been available in Japan since 2018, offering Japanese gamers access to more graphics games without having to buy another system. It took Nintendo a while to figure out how to bring this service to the US, as US internet speeds are significantly lower than in Japan, which can interfere with loading times and fixed connection with the cloud.

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However, as Sony and Microsoft push the next gen consoles into the market, a flood of graphics-intensive games will follow, making it difficult for a switch-like system to compete. Nintendo needs to move forward if it wants to continue its rivals. Finally bringing the Nintendo Switch cloud streaming to the US is an attempt to give the company an edge.

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During the October Direct Mini, Nintendo announced the release of the Cloud version Hitman3, But details about the release date have not yet been confirmed. Current release date Hitman3 It is January 21, 2021 on PC and consoles, but it is unknown at this time whether the Nintendo Cloud version will be released simultaneously with other consoles.

The switch is usually available through the cloud service, which Nintendo will take care of without getting lost in the dust. Loyal Nintendo fans will have the opportunity to stay true to their favorite computer, while they may not be able to play without investing in another console while enjoying the games.

One has to wonder if the US internet can keep up with the pace. Tests this with such a game Control Accurately looks at how much better the players’ internet connection is and whether or not it changes cloud streaming. Without it, Nintendo’s plans could backfire and be buried beneath the onslaught of graphics-heavy games that could easily handle rivals’ consoles.

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Nintendo should also be at the top of the market, ensuring that new streaming games are available in conjunction with releases on competing consoles and PC. Having to wait an extra month or so for a game that is already available elsewhere can seem like a worthwhile investment for interested gamers who do not want to wait for other consoles.

Final version of the controller – Cloud version Currently the Nintendo Switch is available through Cloud Streaming. Players can purchase an access pass using a Nintendo account to access the cloud service Control . For 39.99, but it may be worthwhile to do an internet speed test before purchasing.

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