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Chibig Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Bring Deiland To The Nintendo Switch

CPC launches kickstarter campaign to bring Deland to Nintendo Switch

Developer Sibik has announced the launch of a new kickstarter campaign Dieland To the Nintendo Switch. There will be new content in the port along with all the previously released DLCs from the PC version.

Cipic is also named for its release Summer in Mara, A farm adventure game, launched this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has sold over 90,000 copies so far. Cipic hopes to expand the library of its titles on the Nintendo Switch Dieland.

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Dieland, Which will have the full name Theland: Pocket Edition, An agricultural game, where players take care of their little planet. These include cultivating fields, designing materials, building structures and cooking recipes. As soldiers take care of their planet, other researchers, pirates, witches or even a chef may come to help or harm that hard work.

The new version will add all four seasons to the game. Each season lasts a week. Depending on the season in which the crops are grown. Overall, the agricultural experience has received an improvement.

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New members have joined the Sibik group Theland: Pocket Edition For life. This includes re-working with soundtrack composer Adrian Berengver Summer in Mara, And Rafa Kimines, who previously worked Dieland. Additional artists helped create some new characters and helped improve the overall visuals.

Theland: Pocket Edition Includes all previously published DLC and new locations, tasks and items. The DLC includes more than 30 additional missions, new plants, trees and a new planet to explore. This content was released in two years, but will be available immediately when the game starts on the Nintendo Switch.

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Kickstarter is fully funded, but is currently working to meet extended goals. The first extension target for seasonal fishing has been achieved. This will open up different fish species depending on the season.

The goal of the current extension is to open up new writing art to expand the range of current emotions. To help revive new art characters. The next two stretch targets are unknown. The ultimate goal is the introduction of animation in 2D.

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Kickstarter for Theland: Pocket Edition Ends November 7th.