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The console may be low in the new year

The console may be low in the new year

After Nintendo started planning Product of the Nintendo Switch It had to be reduced from 25.5 million to 24.0 million in the current financial year, and players now need to increase pace at the start of the new year. Lack To fix. So who will do it in the coming months Nintendo Switch Want to buy, maybe decide early.

Nintendo leader announces switch shortage in early 2022

Announced in a report dated December 27, 2022 Shundaro FrukawaThe supply of new switch consoles will stop at the beginning of the new year. The rulers are still responsible for this Semiconductor shortageIt affects a wide variety of technology products around the world. Even competition cannot produce enough PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles to meet the current high demand.

The OLED model of the switch is already in short supply

At the time Standard model Der Nintendo Switch (Buy Now 359.90) One recently released one can actually be delivered to different dealers without any problem OLED model The console is rarely ordered at this time. Since the introduction of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, it is over 92.87 million units Enabled. Reaches the milestone of 100 million copies in the New Year.

They are: Kyoto NP

Replace OLED: Trailer for new console with better view

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