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Nintendo Insiste : La Nintendo Switch Est à "l'équateur" De

The Nintendo Switch is at the “equator” of its life cycle

The Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its generation cycle. Nintendo President Shundaro Furukawa explained during a Q&A session related to the financial results presentation for the last quarter (Q2 / FY2021) that the hybrid platform is in the middle of its life.

The Nintendo Switch will be 5 years old next March; There is a lot of upfront

“We can’t comment on the next console right now,” Furukawa adds, adding that as of September 30, they had shipped more than 92 million Nintendo switches, and planned to distribute another 15 million units of the Nintendo Switch OLED. . October to March 2022. “We recognize that this organization is in the middle of its life cycle. “

Shundaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo | Photo: Nintendo

“The release of the Nintendo Switch OLED has helped keep pace with sales, and we now offer consumers three Nintendo Switch models tailored to their game styles and lifestyles, as well as a wide range of software.” Organization. “With this, we believe that the foundation for development has been laid beyond what we previously thought was a regular hardware life cycle.

This is how Nintendo explains the Nintendo Switch life cycle to its investors

At the end of the day, it was passed by the Premier or Duchess that the President of the Government of Japan had uttered this proposal. We have to go back to the month of February 2020 when the Nintendo Switch shipped 52 million units until December 31, 2019. Only then did it signal to its investors that the Joy-Khan machine could survive a normal long generation cycle. In this post, I’m going to ask you about three questions.

Then, in May of the same year, 2020, he shortened his position a little more, announcing that the Nintendo Switch would be “in the middle” of its life after completing its third full year at Marlet.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch family of consoles

From that moment on came the Govt-19 epidemic, which hampered the development process of the company’s internal projects; Not just the production and distribution of goods. This accelerated the changes in the brand’s launch schedule and, as a result, the change in the road map.

Already in February 2021, six months ago, Nintendo acknowledged to Nikkei that the lifespan of the Nintendo Switch could be extended by several years. “Switch is able to offer a wide variety of games because we have both a home console and a portable console, but there is still a lot we can do in the years to come,” he said.

In parallel, Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo in the United States, explained that he was trying to redesign the concept of console creation with the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Whether or not thinking about an heir is a start is something we reflect on in this section.

Origin | Nintendo FAQ Summary (T2 / FY2021), page 4

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