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The Nintendo Switch hit is now capturing the PC

The Nintendo Switch hit is now capturing the PC

Weather and Bitcoin exchange rates are only very variable, there is often a lot of movement in steam bestsellers. One of the best sellers today should be very familiar with switch players because Monster Hunter Rice appeared exclusively on the handheld console a year ago and will make the PC insecure in a few days.

Monster Hunter Rise: Action RPG is currently the best-selling on Steam

It really seemed Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch already on March 26, 2021, but in a few days the popular action RPG will celebrate its second release. From January 12, 2022 PC Gamers can immerse themselves in the battle against the numerous monsters of the latest major segment of the series – and if you look at the current Steam bestseller list the interest in the PC port is very high.

Monster Hunter currently occupies Rice there Second place And acclaimed Tactical Sniper Ready or Not (Source: Steam)

Compared to the Switch version, the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise looks even more stylish. You can see for yourself in the official trailer:

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The PC version offers a lot of capability

Compared to the Switch version, PC players with compatible hardware can be used Significantly better resolution, higher frame rate and pumped system are pleasing.

However, there is a big downer for all players who have already played Monster Hunter Rice in Switch and are now thinking about switching to the PC version. Because Capcom announced in October 2021 The storage state cannot be transferred from the portable console to the computer. In other words, PC gamers need to restart the game and can not import their characters or gear from the Switch version.

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See if Monster Hunter Rice will be useful to you Official Demo And on our test ship:

Reading Note

Alexander Kellstorf

There will be no support for Crossplay. PC gamers can only play with other PC gamers, and switch gamers must have themselves. This should deceive some potential customers. Most players do not care – otherwise Monster Hunter Rice would not have climbed to second place so quickly in the steam rankings. We are curious to see how long the digital monster hunt can protect this place and who will get the game after that.