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The next version will control your iPod

The next version will control your iPod

Apple has announced the arrival of the MacOS Montessori with iPod control, the addition of shortcuts and the new version of Safari.

As expected, Apple will be releasing a new version of the operating system for computers on Monday, using its WWDC 2021 event: MacOS Montessori.

In addition to some of the new features already announced Fasttime Or iMessages – Also available on MacOS – The main innovation of this new version is about Universal Control. This is actually a way to connect your computer running MacOS with an iPad.

Use Universal Control, iPod and MacBook simultaneously

Thanks to this new function you can use a single keyboard and a single mouse to control both a MacBook computer, iMac All-in-One PC and iPod tablet. By accessing the iMac to a MacBook, you can move the computer cursor over the tablet screen. You can also use the laptop keyboard to write a message on the iPod.

Drag and drop file sharing from one device to another is much easier. This functionality is reminiscent of what some third-party apps already offer, but is eligible to come directly from Apple. After all, the company is not limited to two devices, but allows its workstation to be extended to three screens such as iMac, MacBook and iPad, which can send a file from the first to the third through the medium.

Another novelty about the MacOS Montessori released by Apple: Visit d’AirPlay On the Mac. Just like sharing videos or music files from your iPhone to a compatible TV is already done, this functionality will use the iMac M1 screen to display the video launched from the smartphone.

Shortcuts on MacOS

Shortcuts on MacOS

Shortcuts introduced by Apple on iOS 13 also enter the brand’s PCs with the MacOS Montessori. It is possible to program, download or edit various functions from his computer, with triggers and effects. The function will definitely work with Siri.

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New version of Safari on MacOS and iOS

Finally, Apple’s last major innovation about the MacOS was about its browser: Safari. The company has revised the interface of its software from top to bottom. Now with more refined, more intelligent and smaller tabs, Safari adds many new features.

This is especially true for groups of tabs that will enter the safari with Makos Montessori. If this functionality is nothing new – many browsers now offer it – however Apple has added some well-perceived options. Groups of tabs cannot be shared directly – for example by email – but we can view them from one device to another if we use an iPhone or iPad. On iOS, Safari Tabs also often modify the way they work, allowing them to be easily manipulated from the bottom of the screen. Safari will allow you to integrate extensions, including the iPhone.

These new functions come with Magos Montessori. The general version is expected to launch in the fall.