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The next acquisition will be towards technological innovations -

The next acquisition will be towards technological innovations –

The future Acquisition of Nintendo Will be oriented towardsTechnological innovation. Shundaro Furukawa, the company’s president, said Nintendo was keen to catch up with the rapid development of new technologies.

His statements came during an online conference where he outlined a plan to make them more consistent Company finance: 2 Allocate 9.2 billion: “We need to have cash reserves to achieve financial stability, but if we are to respond to the rapid advancement of technology we can get tech companies.

In February, Frukawa said not to think about getting new software houses, because that does not mean an increase in the number of topics First party. According to Nintendo, the acquisitions should increase the value of entertainment provided by the company’s products.

In short, Nintendo is not only a game publisher, but also a hardware manufacturer and is always eager to offer something new to its potential customers, perhaps like a game that teaches how to build video games.

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