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Newsmax App Downloaded 2 Million Times

The Newsmax app has been downloaded over 2 million times

Newsmax viewership is on the rise in the wake of the Trump-Biden election and controversial results – millions of people are leaving Fox News.

Another sign of that exit: the Newsmax app had more than 2 million downloads in November.

Analysis of Apple’s App Store portal shows that between November 1 and November 13, the app was downloaded nearly 1.4 million times. The app has been downloaded on more than 700,000 Android devices this month.

Newsmax’s free app dominates the Apple iPhone App Store.

As of Thursday afternoon, Newsmax is listed at number 2 in the news section.

The app is listed as the 4th most downloaded free app, ahead of Instagram, Facebook and Dictoc.

Newsmax’s application for iPhone and Android devices is available in all smartphone stores.

No need for free streaming and basewall or registration – the application provides easy access to Newsmax TV – unlike Fox News, CNN and MSNBC requires a subscription.

Has attracted the attention of other media organizations, including the app’s recent popularity Newsweek And The New York Times.

Newsmax TV’s ratings soared during the presidential election.

On election night, more than 6 million viewers are waiting to watch Newsmax’s coverage on traditional television or OTT devices.

According to Nielsen, post-election Newsmax ratings are higher than both Fox Business and CNBC, almost every day.

If you want to watch Newsmax TV anytime, anywhere, download the APP from your smartphone today!

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