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The new trailer shows an overview of the new Pokemon Snap ~ Pokemon Millennium

The new trailer shows an overview of the new Pokemon Snap ~ Pokemon Millennium

Missing less and less when exiting New Pokemon Snap, Exclusive game Nintendo Switch Coming up on April 30th. As the release date approaches, the company has released several trailers. A week has passedLatest video Unpublished Published YouTube channel Japanese Pokemon, the news, however, does not end there.

The trailer in question was released in Japanese, which is difficult for many players around the world to understand. In the last few hours, thankfully, Nintendo of the United States Published Twitter Same video in English.

For beginners, we remind you that the new Pokemon Snap trainers will be brought into the untested area. Lentils. During the adventure, the player can destroy different types of pocket monsters in their natural habitats, all while on the NEO-UNO spacecraft. Can also initiate so-called glowing spheres Spheres of light, Which makes Pokமொmon particularly lively and bright. In particular, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with Professor Speclex to discover what lies behind the mysterious event Illumina, Which includes many species of the region.

The company confirms in the trailer Social Social Within the game, the player is allowed to customize their photos Drove Oh Filters Share them online and then compete in one Ranking Overall.

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