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The new trailer celebrates the upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch

The new trailer celebrates the upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch

ThatGameCompany Development Team is getting ready to launch Children of light Switch with the gameplay trailer that allows users of the Nintendo console to familiarize themselves with the gaming experience of fairytale environments and new adventure Genoa Sen., Father of the Journey.

The title, originally launched on mobile computers, has fans The enchanted world of heaven An experience to make him live Son of Light, Is called to spread faith The most dilapidated corners of the kingdom Trying to bring the fallen stars back to their original galaxies.

Each of the kingdoms that make up the colorful microcosm of Sky Children of Light is free to explore and offer plenty Environmental puzzles, As well as the activities to be completed by socializing other players, are not very different from those appreciated on the trip.

The Challenges to be undertaken Go around the search for fallen asteroid spirits, so cooperate with other warriors to get into the darker parts of the sky. All of this supports the field of art by harmonizing the flow of events with the background of the soundtrack, which changes its tone as it moves from one region to another part of the virtual world. The Nintendo Switchboard of ThatGameCompany’s Adventure is scheduled to be released June 29. In the meantime, we invite those who would like to learn more about this topic to read ours recnsione di Children of the sky.