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The new sleek and colorful iMac 24 "is in the Apple Store

The new sleek and colorful iMac 24 “is in the Apple Store

The New iMac M1 at 24 “ Listed in the Apple Store. Pre-orders will be available by mid-May, April 30th. The range is available in 3 basic configurations in seven shades, the first has 8 cores and the G1 has 7 cores for the G1, while the other two have 8 cores for the graphics area.

Storage capabilities are 256GB for the first two and 512GB for the third, all of which by default have 8GB of RAM. With options you can load up to a maximum of 16GB of RAM and SST 1TB (entry level) or 2TB (medium and high range), with the first iMac 512GB in size. By the way, this limit indicates the disappearance of the Fusion Drive.

Intermediate and high-end engines have two USB ports in addition to the Thunderbolt / USB4 and Gigabit Ethernet. Only two Thunderbolt / USB4s are provided for entry level (Full features).

Page accessories included, we have new ones Simple colorful keyboard One with Touch ID for the first iMac and the other two.

Options without ratios are 44 1,449, 6 1,669 and 8 1,899 respectively. To further divide this family, only 4 of the 7 colors announced for the first model have the right.

The IMac 27 “ Still on the list 21.5 “sample It is 24 1,249 in one configuration, with the old dual core 7th generation Core i5 with 2.3 GHz, 8GB RAM (16 max) and 256GB SST (or 1TB Fusion drive).