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The new release date for the beta is here -

The new release date for the beta is here –

Further Republic of the Riders Is Postponed With the new release date set, even if the postponement in this case is minimal, a significant amount of it will be doubly bad news from Ubisoft for those who focus on its games October 28, 2021.

New Open world and multiplayer racing game, Based on various extreme games, could at least come to 2021, which, in contrast to what happened with the Rainbow Six extraction, was moved directly to January 2022. The Raiders Republic start date is September 2, so it’s almost a two month postponement but it will not affect the season much anyway.

So Riders Republic on October 28, 2021 PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | Comes with S and Xbox One and Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. At least, there is one Beta testing coming soon While we are waiting for the exact time for this trial version, it will allow you to try it out before release.

“We can not wait to add you to the Republic with the upcoming beta! This is the first time to touch this huge multiplayer game, and we would love to hear what you have to say about it,” Ubisoft Annecy wrote in a statement. Notice of delay.

“To ensure that we can offer the best game for all players, we made a tough decision to postpone the release date from September 2 to October 28. This will give us more time to improve the experience and give us some of the first opportunity to make a jump. Feedback“.

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For all the info on the game, we refer you to the Riders Republic preview, while the 50 Players PS5 and Xbox Series X | We remind you that they are expected only in S, they will be less in the old gen.