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The new Nintendo Direct is dedicated to the Pira and Mitra

The new Nintendo Direct is dedicated to the Pira and Mitra

Nintendo Has announced that the new one will air soon Live Completely dedicated Super Smash Brothers Ultimate The next extra battle.

Live, which will be broadcast 321 p.m. Next Thursday 4 March 2021, Really focused Byra / Mitra, Characters announced during the last Direct and from the universe of the Genoplate Chronicles 2. The total duration of the show will be 35 minutes, during which time in the company Masahiro Sakurai, Director of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, We will find out all the details about the character traits that will be officially released Release date. It should be noted that Kyoto has confirmed that we will not talk about anything other than the SSBU DLC Fighter in the new Nintendo Direct, and therefore we should not expect any announcement that will be made exclusively about the next additional content of the browser. On the switch.

We remind you of that while waiting to attend a live event on the official Nintendo Italy YouTube Channel Xenoplate Chronicles 2 sold in Japan after crossover with Super Smash Brothers.

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