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The new feature drives users crazy

The new feature drives users crazy

WhatsApp introduces a new feature for all users. The update will help everyone who spends hours in use – that’s what it is all about.

New feature coming to the messaging app (via screenshot)

This is a time of great news Share. In fact, we saw a lot of new features coming into the messaging app during this period. But now a new tool can be restored for all users who spend full days in use. In fact, the developers Menlo Park Finally launched Dark mode. So let’s see what this function is.

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As expected, The Dark mode For all users who spend hours in use. In fact, WhatsApp has decided to introduce a darker theme precisely so as not to tire the eyes. In addition, the developers Share The final error-free update will begin. You have to go to use dark mode ‘SettingsGo to the theme by clicking on the chat icon on the top right. Once you get here you can confirm your choice by selecting the dark theme.

WhatsApp is a complete innovation for pictures and videos: what changes

WhatsApp update
New update for the world’s most popular messaging app (via screenshot)

Last month, as we expected, come on Share Many features have been added to improve the app. We’ve seen the advent of dual-speed audios, but that’s not the only aspect to improve usability. In fact, the application will activate i soon Multimedia content that can only be viewed once. This feature is expected to arrive soon in the beta version of the messaging app.

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So when we send photos or videos we can select the function by inserting a new button Right side of the box to send messages. The content in question will be deleted automatically once the recipient opens it. Also, if the recipient’s function is disabled Blue check, The sender still knows Content displayed Or less. Additionally, this functionality can be used in group chats, and the administrator can decide whether or not to enable it.

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