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NASA reveals the sound of sixteen minutes of perseverance on Mars

NASA reveals the sound of sixteen minutes of perseverance on Mars

The American space agency has released a long audio clip on social media in which we can hear the roar of the rover moving on the red planet.

New call from March. On March 7, the NASA robot Jessero traveled 27.3 meters into the abyss, recording one of two microphones with sixteen minutes of audio perseverance, first aimed at capturing its landing sounds last February.

The microphone continues to operate, failing to capture the rover’s descent into the atmosphere.

The sounds of metal friction, saturated sound, robotic shocks on Mars and the planet’s dry soil are especially heard in an excerpt compiling several footage of the record released by NASA on its Soundclute account.

Earlier sounds were released last month

“If I hear these noises coming straight out of my vehicle, I’ll pull up and call a tow truck,” said Dave Cruel, the diligent camera manager.

Part of the noise is specifically explained by the contact between the Martian soil and the six metal wheels, which makes a very unpleasant sound. The second microphone integrated into the Supercam device already released the sound of the wind on the Red Planet a few weeks ago and the sound of a laser camera aimed at rocks.

Samples once returned to Earth will be analyzed by scientists to try to determine new signs of microbial life on Mars.

Hughes Garnier PFMTV Reporter