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The new CGI trailer for Free Fire with Cristiano Ronaldo has been released

The new CGI trailer for Free Fire with Cristiano Ronaldo has been released

Dec. Now a new trailer has been released in which Cristiano Ronaldo’s character takes on enemies in style in CGI scenes.

Since the launch of Operation Chrono, the entire world at Free Fire has become a future slum universe. Chrono enters this world to prevent the dystopian state of the universe from getting worse. He cannot do this on his own and needs the support of free firefighters from around the world who join the fight.

Start Operation Chrono right now

Players interact with Operation Chrono early in the game. The main interface of the game was taken away from the various elements of the process. Players can participate in daily tasks in advance to unlock various items. Spawn Island has a portal that allows you to travel back and forth between the new future slum world and the classic free fire universe.

Chrono appears in the middle of Free Fire’s future slum universe – with the perfect skills to fight your way through chaos. He can create a force field that prevents damage from enemies while attacking enemies from the field. Chrono and his allies will increase the speed of movement over the area of ​​the force field as long as the capability is active

Into battle with style and exclusive Operation Chrono items

Soldiers can go to war with the full set of fashion items inspired by Operation Chrono,

  • Chrono Deluxe Clothing Bundle (still available as a drop from Chrono Grate)
  • Chrono Surford
  • Exclusive Parachute “Enter Chrono!”
  • Chrono-rucksack
  • Chrono avatar and profile background
  • As well as other items from the Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter collection such as melee arm skins and motorcycle skins.
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Operation Chrono provides all the features and content for players from all over the world. You can learn more about all the updates on Operation Chrono and the official free fire social media channels.

There is also Cristiano Ronaldo More trailers And this The first part of the official CG video Operation Chrono: Legend of the Bounty Hunter released.

Here is the original video of Cristiano Ronaldo launching his latest collaboration with Operation Chrono Here.

Access to free fire App Store And Google Games Downloaded.