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Official release date announced with trailer -

Official release date announced with trailer –

Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco have released one New trailer of New Pokemon Snap For the Nintendo Switch, announce Release date Official: April 30, 2021. There were also messages on the official Pokemon social networks with the trailer, which confirmed the good news.

The new Pokemon Snap is a sequel to the 1999 Pokemon Snap released on the Nintendo 64. Created by Bandai Namco, it was announced exclusively last June. Nintendo Switch. Since then it has no longer been disclosed to the public, at least not until today.

It will be set up in the Lendl region and will put players in a pair of shoes Pokemon photographer, Which aims to complete his photojournalism. Will he do it? To find out, the rest will have to wait until spring.

It’s time to explore the Lentil area with the many beautiful islands in the new Pokemon Snail. The adventure takes place in an archipelago of beautiful terrain with all kinds of habitats ranging from dense forests to endless deserts, and Pokemon must be discovered. At the new Pokemon Snape, players will test their skills in photography, with the help of Professor Speculax and his assistant Rita, who will be faced with a task in which they must not perish in their natural habitats in Pokemon of Lent.

Numerous wild Pokemon thrive in the various ecosystems they have modified. Some live in groups defending their territory, others wander alone, and still others hover in the sky or play with other species of Pokemon.