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The movie Usogoi centers around a particular gambler named Madarame Baku, popularly known as “The Lie Eater.” He gambles against maniac opponents. With his protégé, Kaji Takaomi and his bodyguard, Marco, he soon attempts to take over ownership of Kakerou, an underground gambling organisation.

Kakerou sees volumes of high stakes gambles, and sometimes these gamblers use their life as ante. (ante could be referred to as a bet). The casinos listed at won’t require from you to make such sacrifices but the thrill of gambling still remains.   Kakerou houses 48 members and 101 moderators who act as super-seers and debt collectors for every gambling session. As the movie goes underway, Baku, together with his crew, soon discovers they are in a fierce war between Kakerou and another criminal rival organisation, IDEAL.

Usogoi is written and illustrated by Toshio Sako. It was initially serialized in Shueisha’s seinan original video animation, released on the 19th of October, 2012.


Baku Madarame: Portrayed by Ryusei Yokohama. He is a drifter with a high obsession with gambling.

Takaomi Kaji: This character is portrayed by Hayato Sano. He was Baku’s protégé and also a budding gambler.

Marco: Marco happens to be Baku’s bodyguard; he possesses inhuman strength and wild spirit known as “Rodem”

Kyara: Kyara used to be Baku’s former exclusive moderator.

Karl Belmont: Played by Kāru Berumondo. He is an arms dealer. At first, he was depicted as an antagonist, but he quickly became Baku’s ally.



Souichi Kiruma: This character is portrayed by Kaitl Samurai. He is the 21st and present leader of Kakerou.

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Tatsuko Kiruma: He was formerly the 20th leader of the Kakerou before stepping down and becoming a moderator.

Kagerounosuke Kiruma: The character was seen as the first leader of Kakerou.


Tatsuki Kiruma: He was a former leader of Kakerou, father of Souichi but currently a moderator

Souji Makuro: He was initially a Kakerou moderator.

Hikoichi Yakou: This character is portrayed by Hiroaki Murakami. A Kakerou moderator. He is Baku’s current exclusive moderator.

Effects Of Usogoi On Viewers

Many gamblers globally will be excited about the prospect of a different kind of gambling movie. Usogoi comes in an all-new direction with its gamble-themed storyline. The film promises to be an action-packed thriller from beginning to end.

However, the movie might have adverse effects on people, especially gamblers. These effects may include:

  1. Having a different perspective: Since the movie is expected to feature wild and dangerous betting, viewers may tend to realize that betting goes sometimes goes beyond the minor risks of losing a few bucks here and there. Suffering heavily from gambling addiction can cause damaging results to gamblers, especially the reckless ones.

Watching this movie may help enlighten people to see the dark side of gambling and how much it could d hurt them if they don’t take necessary precautions and get help from appropriate organizations.

  1. A new thrill: Over the years, there have been various casino and gambling-themed movies, but not many of them can boast of the incredible actions that Usogoi promises. The concept of having the option to wager lives makes the film appealing to many people. Many people are anticipating heavily to see how the movie will play out.