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The New Age of Empire IV is free this week only

Age of Empire 4. Free this weekend only! –

Don’t plan this weekend! Microsoft lets you try Age of Empires 4 for free!

Age of Empires 4. Free this weekend only! –

Microsoft has promised to test the features and fluency of Age of Empires 4, The most appreciated online strategy game at the moment We can use it to try the beta.

That’s one Technical testing starting today September 17th Around 19.00 and next Monday 20th September will always end at 19.00. Beta is available to all players without limits or pre-order Age of Empires IV will be officially released on October 28th on Windows and Xbox Game Pass.

Age of Empires4

This game follows some features of Age of Empires II. This system is medieval, Eight civilizations are available at the start. The same chapter returns to the eras of the second chapter (Upper Medieval, Feudal Age, Age of Palaces, Age of Imperialism), while discoveries are possible Patrol the walls with units and extreme diversification for each civilization.

What awaits me?

The beta will allow you to try out a dedicated campaign tutorial Mission Zero And face fierce adversaries against online and artificial intelligence. The following categories were predicted: The English, I Chinese, I Mongolia, French, The Holy Roman Empire, The Grand Duchy of Moscow e Dinastia Abbasid.

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Tell me how I can try for free

The open beta of Empires 4 is available Xbox application for Windows 10 And this Steam game product page. You can immediately request access to be notified when it is The developer will be willing to accept participants in the technical stress test.

Why do they do stress tests?

Helps to verify technical stress test capability Game Server To retain a large number of players, you need to focus on a very short period of time.

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For more information on beta, we see you Official site.

We leave you to the official trailer of the game. Good view!