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The name "Pro Evolution Soccer" will be removed

The name “Pro Evolution Soccer” will be removed

Named “Pro Evolution Soccer” Moth: Game maker Konami will sell its football simulation under a new name.

The Pro Evolution Soccer brand, or Pro Evo for short or PES, is designed for the entire generation of gamers. Now the name is buried. According to game manufacturer Konami, the famous rival of the FIFA series E.A. Sports name will be changed. Henceforth football simulation has the simple name “eFootball”. The game has been on sale since 2019 under the name “eFootball PES”.

Renaming is part of Konami’s new strategy to give the game a new identity. The manufacturer had already announced a small revolution that PES – or now eFootball – would be released as the title to play for free. The basic version is available for free, but some game content must be purchased. In addition, games between different platforms and consoles should be possible.