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The N64 prototype is said to be upgraded to P JPGAMES.DE

The N64 prototype is said to be upgraded to P JPGAMES.DE

When the Banjo-Kazooie Nintendo Switch was released online last week, the N64 prototype was also updated. At least this is the result that users come up with. It seems that this update will address some of the big criticisms that fans have had since the launch of the new service.

The emulator had problems displaying fog and water correctly at the Ocarina of Time. This is paradoxical because the N64 actually has no major problems with displaying fog.

Users on social media News, The water in the Ocarina of Time now looks and reflects so much better. Dataminer LuigiBlood Indicates that there are no updates to the game’s ROMs. So this should be an improvement of the emulator, so the result.

On the other hand, other issues persist. At Ocarina of Time the fog is still missing and users report visual problems at Paper Mario, Dr. Mario and Yoshi’s story, Describes VGC. LuigiBlood also reports that references to the 64DD were removed from the code while the controller was packaged.

One More report Thus, something happened with the input delay. YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer Input Lock is reported to be significantly less problematic and has completely disappeared in some games.

The online expansion of the Nintendo Switch with games for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive initially caused a lot of criticism from fans. Shortly afterwards, there were the first data mining discoveries about other N64 games. Zelda: Majora’s mask will continue in February.

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