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The mysterious "cube" on the surface of the moon puzzles astronauts

The mysterious “cube” on the surface of the moon puzzles astronauts

Do you live on the moon? A precursor, no answer. But a photo taken by a research vehicle rekindles this week’s debate. At least on social networks, there will be fun between insane theories and scientific probabilities. In late November, during a voyage, the Chinese rover Yutu-2 actually captured a picture of a mysterious cube object sitting on the horizon. On the surface of the moon. Enough to trigger many speculations since the clich was released.

This shape appears on the far side of the moon, which is permanently on the opposite side of the earth, and China has been exploring it in detail since 2019 with its Chang’e 4 lunar mission. On Friday, December 3, on his Twitter account, Snapshot even called the object a “mysterious house” (“Mysterious house”)

Evidence of “lunar hut”, “alien civilization” …

“This is a lighthouse set up by aliens to monitor the Earth,” one Internet user speculated. “This lunar cube is haunted”, the next surpassed. Celebrities also attend. American actress Kate Tennings, the star of Marvel Superheroes, comments: “I need some information on this moon hut.”

In fact, there is very little mystery behind this photo. Scientists agree that this is a huge stone. Especially since this mysterious house is located in the abyss of Von Kármán, an area that is often bombarded by meteorites. The material is undoubtedly just a big junk.

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So the “mysterious house” would be a phenomenon of paradoxes: an event that leads to the identification of a familiar shape in a landscape like clouds. This is not the first time planets have made Internet users imagine. “Remember Faces of Mars du relief Sydonia’s table ou du Pebble that looks like a crushed donut »,’S editor-in-chief Tariq Malik recalled on Twitter “I really want it to be an obelisk 2001, Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s picture, but I expect the Yutu-2 rover to find a pile of pebbles, ”he said.

Confirmation in two or three lunar days

The rover, located 80m from its current location, will try to get closer to the object, Chinese officials said. The lunar journey is still two to three lunar days or 45 terrestrial days.

If the delay is long, the Chinese engine will only run on solar power. The farthest part of the moon is exposed to sunlight only once every two weeks. Not to mention wasting time going through rocks and ditches. In the end, the answer to this great mystery will not be found until 2022. Until then, speculation will continue.