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Nizzi scarica su Salmo: “Comune non sapeva”, ma l’amministrazione era nel palco. Ecco la foto

“The municipality does not know”, but the administration was on stage. Here is the picture

Olbia. In mid-August 2021, the now-archived word “accusable”: this could not be defined in any other way – at least from a communications point of view – what happened to the concert last Friday: the most criticized – always the August period. Why do we say “crime”? Because with the aftermath of the event, with a shower of criticism, the municipality of Olbia – through the statements of Mayor Chettimo Niji – said it knew nothing about the concert and that it was not recognized. We do not know if the approvals were actually requested (we will return later in this case), but it is believed that he did not know “anything” because Tourism Councilor Marco Balada was behind the scenes with the organizers and released a photo with Salmo with the campaign hashtags on the evening of the concert.

Let’s go in line. The first hot statement of the concert, before the social uproar, was by Marco Balada New Sardinia. La Nua, with an essay signed by Paulo Artovino, describes Palata as ‘surprising, but delightful’, then quoting it as, “Olbia is his home, worthy to break into it every time”.

The commotion was unleashed on August 14 and lasted until August 15 and continues today until August 16. Solinas, questioned by FedEx, tarnishes Salmo’s “surprise” concert, but makes statements to Nici Novo, in which he confirms that the municipality is completely unaware of the event: “Of course – Says Mayor Niji Nua – The municipality has not received any request for recognition for a concert from Salmo or anyone else. Therefore, those limit measures required for show events were not prepared. This thing should not have happened and I hope it will not happen again because the number of infections is increasing and the situation at the Govt front is not promising.

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The truth is, there was an administration at the concert, behind the stage – in a reserved area – by Tourism Councilor Marco Balada, immortalized in a video taken by a citizen who was at the concert. How is it possible that the municipality knows nothing? We ask the question not only because there was a councilor on the site, but because everyone in Olbia knew about the concert. Salmo announced it publicly via social media, but word of mouth was lightning fast. Also, three days ago, under everyone’s eyes, the stage was set in the sunlight, the same artist from Olbia announced in a story on Instagram just yesterday.

Salmo also claims to have asked for recognition under a nickname: the first three days he had to perform by local artists, the third day he would have performed himself. Nickname used DJ Triplo: The psalm speaks for itself.

It’s hard to believe that our executives were unaware that Salmo was behind the scenes with photos and selfies, not after the public announcements, but after the executives often associated themselves with the same events of the ol ’artist. Even with stories, hashtags and participation – with a dedicated boat – at the Waterworld Music Festival, Salmo wanted to give everyone a free concert.

Any “criminal” liabilities will be verified by the Tempo Fouzania State Attorney’s Office. Policies It’s hard to say “escape” or “crime”. That does not mean that the area is one of state property Free zone for stopping municipal power. Mayor Nisi will never stop being the highest health official in the area in the state property line, and councilors and municipal councilors will never stop being public officials and representatives of the company. Area “Municipality”. This also applies to the local police, Guardia de Finanza, Carabinieri and the police: if any crime such as land-land encroachment is taking place in a state-owned area, these agents will not be stopped at the boundary of state property, they will call the Port Authority and say, “Beyond that it is not our responsibility” They leave at the mercy of the attackers.

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The question is only one: how could the municipality not know if the whole city saw the stage and the whole city knew?