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Il Renault Hippie Caviar Hotel

Renault rediscovered the world of motor homes through the hippie caviar hotel

Camper’s world was rediscovered Renault With Hippie Caviar Hotel, The casual concept combined with the desire to escape with a 5-star hotel, a comfortable terrace on the roof, a removable bed outside and delivery by drone is new.

This two-color “happy” show is inspired by the 1960s movement and represents the style of the famous motorhome. Renault relay: With the Hippie Caviar Hotel, the French company aims to create an offer of VIP vans based on personal services.

After announcing the return of the famous R4, Renault imagined a nomadic life, but with all the space, comfort and uniqueness needed for travel: the result is a new design for the Hippie Caviar Hotel Renault Traffic Before the more strong and obvious. To create the hippie caviar hotel, the designers were inspired by the bedrooms of 5-star hotels, while at the same time full of natural materials.

Comment on review World of Motor Homes It was made up of a bright water green front passenger compartment called “Almond Scales” and a rear cabin in “Anodise Silver Gray”. The dashboard is made of woven straw and decorated with leather straps. Materials such as exotic wood, natural fibers and plant moss have been used to remind nature.

A. at the Renault Hippie Caviar Hotel Convertible bench Comfortable bed that can be placed inside and outside the vehicle. The open tailgate and its curtains have the function of protecting the occupants from bad weather and prying eyes. In the “comfort” position, the bench and corner seat make the perfect fit Lounge location.

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Renault rediscovered the world of motor homes through the hippie caviar hotel.

From the roof terrace of the Hippie Caviar Hotel, equipped with a low table and two removable backbones, you can enjoy the landscape from another perspective. Colors and materials Camp VIP Renault mentions the hope and freedom of the 1960s, while at the same time thinking of traveling in refreshing and sober worlds.

The Hippie Caviar Hotel offers a unique experience with the services of a hotel 5 stars: Bathroom, Bathroom Equipment, Electric Charging Device, Delivery to customer-selected location, must be requested online New Renault concept recently Signed a contract with Geely to manufacture hybrid vehicles, Will be offered at the Dெல்sseldorf Motor Show scheduled for August 27, 2021.