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The motion capture took place at the Santa Monica studio

The motion capture took place at the Santa Monica studio

The behind-the-scenes video released yesterday shows the motion capture of “Resident Evil Village” held at Sony’s Santa Monica studio. There you can see how the well known Kutskens of the game came to be.

Today we learned that Resident Evil: Motion for the Village was captured at Sony’s Santa Monica studio. In addition, Neokamer released a 19-minute behind-the-scenes video yesterday that gives you amazing insights into the development. In addition to the shooting, the final game scene will also be shown.

View character and environmental drafts

Immediately you can see the creation of writing models and how they were implemented in the game. Drafts of some contexts will be shown later. Some ideas from the visual book are also presented. The scenes shown help to visualize the planned story content.

During the video, the level designer of the game speaks. Its main task is to provide the player with “a wonderful experience in an extraordinary situation”. Creating an entirely new horror experience was again a challenge.

Coincidentally, we reported one today Ada Wong’s Surface Art. The developers originally planned the appearance of the well-known “Resident Evil” character.

A detailed performance analysis of the latest off-shoot of the popular horror series can be found here:

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“Resident Evil: Village” was released on Friday for the PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC. If you haven’t read our in-depth review of the game, you can Catch it here.

You can watch the video yourself here:

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