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FRITZ!  Lab for OS 7.24-85465 FRITZ!  Repeater 1750E is available -

FRITZ! OS 7.26-88501 Lab is available for FRITZ! Box 6660 –

Fritz! Box manufacturer AVM has released new laboratory firmware for the Fritz! This update is FRITZ! This is a laboratory version of OS 7.26 that contains only changes, bug fixes, and enhancements to the Internet, WLAN, and DVB-C, which can be found below. FRITZ! Update FRITZ for OS 7.26-88501! You can now download and test the Box 6660 cable from AVM. Users of Laboratory Edition get the latest update FRITZ! Box can be downloaded via the user interface. FRITZ! Open the box -> Enter the in the browser and sign in -> Click on Helpers -> Update -> Start the update by clicking New FRITZ! Search for OS New FRITZ! Follow the instructions to get the OS. More information about this update can be found below or at AVM.

Download -> Download FRITZ! OS 7.26-88501 FRITZ! Box 6660 Cable

The new firmware can be downloaded from the following AVM website:

  • Fritz! Fritz for Box 6660 Cable! Download OS 7.26-88501
    Attention: This lab firmware is only suitable for FRITZ! Box 6660 Cable!
    Website ->

FRITZ! FRITZ from OS 7.26-88501! More improvements from Box 6660 Cable


  • Improvement: Increased stability for small data packets.
  • Fixed: Fixed issues with IPTV (multicast) streams on WLAN.
  • Fixed: Problems switching channels after detecting an interference source with a standard channel set to 5GHz.
  • Fix: Excessive double run of auto channel selection process after restart.
  • Fixed: Ability to work with WLAN repeaters Netzier EAX20 and EAX80 (Wi-Fi 6)
  • Fixed: With encrypted WiFi, WPS functionality for WiFi guest access does not work reliably
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Phone ->

  • Change: A necessary change from Google for the future use of an online phone book

DVB-C ->

  • Improvement: Starts station search automatically when the DVP-C function is activated.

FRITZ! Notes on Laboratory Update for Box

These Fritz! The lab version is in beta. It was tested in a stable environment before it was released, but it may crash. AVM assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this version. You can use FRITZ at any time using the recovery.exe included in this lab kit! Box Official FRITZ! Can be changed to OS.

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