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The most serious vulnerability found in Dark Souls 3 and the Elton Ring, PC -

The most serious vulnerability found in Dark Souls 3 and the Elton Ring, PC –

Dark souls3 And often even Elton Ring Suffering on PC A Very serious damage This will allow us to capture the users who are occupying our computer.

We know there are many similarities between the Elton Ring and the Dark Souls 3, but the question is beyond pure aesthetics to embrace reality Game code And its potential weaknesses are precisely underlined by the horrific discovery made a few hours ago.

In practice, there is an opportunity to use a function called users that occupy us during the game Remote code implementation It does exactly what you think: it executes the code remotely.

This means a Hacker It can actually take over our computer, steal personal data and passwords, use our computer as a proxy or mining machine for illegal activities and so on.

The vulnerability seems to have already been exploited by some attackers, and the first evidence of what happened is starting to appear on the web, but it is not known if the problem ever existed or when it was discovered by those interested. In exploiting it.

Now that the matter has been made public, From Software and Bandai Namco can release a hotfix that will act quickly, seal the bug and investigate the violations that have taken place so far.

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