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The mobile phone offers Vodafone, Tim, Iliad and Windrey

What are the major mobile phone deals between Vodafone, Tim, Iliad and WinTray this week? Let’s find out together by making a comparison based on prices

Important Mobile phone companies They want to impress their customers. In the last week of May, there are some great news for cardholders Vodafone, Tim, WinTray or Iliad.

Let’s go and explore Payment plans Proposed by the aforementioned giants, it tries to understand what is most convenient to suit your needs. Definitely attractive projects, you should not spend a lot and at the same time always be connected.

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Mobile Phone Offers: What Vodafone, Tim, Iliad and Windtra offer


Suffering from “our home” there Tim, It proposes rechargeable Tim Gold Pro. There will also be unlimited calls and messages to those who join this rate plan 70 giga Per Browse the web. total cost 7.99 euros per month.


The British manager, on the other hand, focuses on size. Over there Special 100 gig It can be seen from the name it proposes 100 giga To link Additionally to the network Unlimited calls and SMS. The cost is slightly higher (9.99 euros per month), But since it offers one in comparison Data connection More.


The proposed alternative could not be missed French company, It is now permanently settled in Bell Base. Over there Flash 100 Allows individuals who want to implement Sim Containing 100 giga As well as custom calls and messages. Not bad for an unknown manager three years ago Italy.

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At the end of May he decided to take part in huge offers Windrey With her Winter Star +. Related classic set Phone calls There News They add up nicely Only 7.99 euros per month for 70kg of traffic.

In short, a rich menu. The rest has to be chosen In terms of application And of course Reference area. Some carriers have more repeaters in some areas than others.