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Black people mistakenly think they are monkeys through the Facebook algorithm

Black people mistakenly think they are monkeys through the Facebook algorithm

This case is more than embarrassing for Facebook. One of its recommended methods is to ask users if they want to see others “Primate Videos” Under a British tabloid video showing black people, it was revealed Le New York Times Friday.

Video of Daily Mail, More than a year, title “A white man calls police against black men in the marina”. It only shows people, not monkeys.

Below, the question “Want to see more videos about Primates?” “ With options “Yes / Reject” According to a screenshot posted on Twitter, it appeared on the screens of some users Darcy Groves, Former designer of social media company. “This is slander”, He commented, calling on his former colleagues on Facebook to escalate the matter.

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“This is clearly an unacceptable mistake”A spokesman for Facebook, requested by Agencies France-Press. “We apologize to anyone who saw these insulting suggestions.” The California team has disabled the referral tool in this case “Once we realize what is going on to investigate the causes of the problem and prevent it from happening again”, She clarified.

Limitations of artificial intelligence

“Like we said, although we are improving our artificial intelligence systems, they are not perfect and we know we have some improvements.”, She continued.

This case highlights the limitations of artificial intelligence technologies that continue to be highlighted on the platform in an effort to create a personalized feed for its nearly 3 billion monthly users. Social networking uses it extensively in content scaling to identify and prevent problem news and images before they are viewed.

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Facebook, like its competitors, is constantly accused of not fighting enough against racism and other hatred and discrimination. This material further provokes tension as many civil society organizations accuse social networks and their mechanisms of contributing to the division. American society, in the context of the demonstrations of the “Black Lives Matter” movement Fight for black rights.

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