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Robercock H7 Stick Vacuum Test: He has more than one trick up the sleeve

Robercock H7 Stick Vacuum Test: He has more than one trick up the sleeve

We admire the suction performance of the Robrak H7, which is more efficient than its predecessors.

On hard ground placed in auto mode, the H7 harvest spreads 92% of the rice in 30 seconds and 99% in a minute. Switching to turbo mode allows you to recover 95% of the garbage in the 30s and 99% of the garbage in a minute, which is very satisfying.

On the best carpet, this vacuum cleaner works even better. When put in auto mode, the H7 swallows 96% of the waste in just 30 seconds, swallowing it all in one minute. Once the turbo mode is enabled, all items can be recovered in just a minute. These are good results compared to other devices compared to ours. TheAeschylus Cyclomax XP InfiniFor example, in this test area only 76% of the waste was vacuumed in 30 seconds.

Finally, on the thick carpet, in auto mode, the Robrak H7 is packed and absorbs 98% of the material in 30 seconds. In turbo mode, it harvests everything at once. In comparison, the Aeschylus Cyclomax XP Infini (again) picked up only 49% of the garbage in this test area in 30 seconds.

We carried out our suction tests with the bag to test if the suction was effective. Unfortunately we noticed that the waste sometimes gets stuck in the suction mouth between the hose and the bag. In fact, we spilled a few grains of rice when removing the bag from its hole, so the results are less satisfactory. Equipped with this bag, the H7 picks up 72% of the garbage in 30 seconds and only 77% in a minute on hard surfaces. On the other hand, on the fine carpet, the results are without the bag. Finally, on a thick carpet, it recovers 72% of the debris in 30 seconds and 85% in a minute.

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