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The mini-helicopter "Ingenuity" crashed on Mars

The mini-helicopter “Ingenuity” crashed on Mars

WashingtonMars Rover “Perseverance” has it Mini-helicopter Ingenuity“Deposited on the surface of the Red Planet.” Landing on a Mars helicopter is confirmed! “The US space agency NASA tweeted Saturday (local time).

NASA says the mini-helicopter’s 471-million-kilometer journey from the Mars rover came to an end after it was abandoned. The next milestone for the drone search device is to survive the night.

“Ingenuity” should heat it up now

A photo released by NASA shows the Mars rover now moving away from “ingenuity”. During the voyage to Mars, “intelligence” was combined with the power of “perseverance”. After separation from the rover, its own batteries must power the helicopter’s built-in heating system. Mars can be as cold as minus 90 degrees at night. “Intelligence” requires a temperature of seven degrees to protect its electrical components from freezing.

According to NASA, the first flight from “Ingenuity”, which weighs about 1.8 kilograms and costs $ 85 million to build, should take place quickly on April 11. Flight testing is considered very difficult. Mars’ atmosphere is only one percent of Earth’s air density. This will make the helicopter boarding much more difficult. The gravity of Mars, which is two-thirds smaller than Earth, could help.

On its first flight, the “ingenuity” that looks like a small drone must fly at a height of one meter per second until it reaches a height of three meters. He had to be there for 30 seconds before landing again. “Ingenuity” has an integrated camera that can take high-resolution photos during flight. In total, NASA is planning five helicopter flights at various difficulty levels.

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