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Une photo de la Terre

You can download the whole universe

Compared to other scientific disciplines, astronomical laboratory tests cannot be performed because it is not possible to take samples. In fact, there is a model, but it can only be seen with the help of tools such as telescopes. Many universes cannot be read to test how our universe works.

Despite this, scientists can still make computer simulations of our universe. This is the only way to test hypotheses and see what role cosmic objects, such as dark matter, play, for example. Now it is possible Download one of these simulations of the universe If you have the necessary equipment.

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Researchers have created a simulation called Uchuu, which is the largest and most comprehensive simulation of the universe ever created. The details are accurate enough for scientists to identify everything from galaxies to the dark matter haloes of individual galaxies.

A great simulation

We can say that the vertex is actually a simulation of cosmic proportions. There are 2.1 trillion particles in a space of 9.6 billion light-years. The simulation shows a model of the universe for more than 13 billion years. According to the explanations, the apex does not focus on the formation of stars and planets, but rather on the behavior of dark matter in the expanding universe.

Creating the apex required enormous computing power and enormous storage space. The team behind the simulation used more than 40,000 computer cores and 20 million hours of computer processing to create it. The amount of data produced has reached 3 petabytes or 3000 terabytes. Using high-density compression, the scientists were able to compress the results to a storage capacity of 100 terabytes.

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Equipment needed to download the climax

According to experts, 100 terabytes is still a huge amount of data, but it is still possible to store everything on a single hard drive. For example, the 3.5-inch shape factor is the Exadrive developed by Nimbus which is a standard 100 terabyte solid state drive. It costs about $ 40,000.

If you do not want to invest so much money to keep your own universe at home, you can access the data using the internet. The source data for the Uchuu Group is actually published on the site Let everyone explore the virtual universe.