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The Mind Challenge demo is available at Nintendo eShop -

The Mind Challenge demo is available at Nintendo eShop –

A free demo New Big Brain Academy: The challenge between minds PerNintendo Switch Available for download from Nintendo eShop. In this new multiplayer party game * Suitable for everyone, Players can improve their skills and speed by training Some Functionality and fun at the same time.

In the demo, players can try the stretch modeMentally, With that series of puzzles At They will test in three categories: Perception, Intuition e Algebra. Sports AbsolutelyOhAddinge Even more Puzzles For this method, Including Types Memory e Analyzes. Spend It’s going Buy this Can Pre-order the game today from the Nintendo eShop.

That too will be possible “Taste” Party mode. Up to four players can * To compete“Mind Against Mind “ To earn Further Points for completing tasks quickly. Each participant sets his or her own difficulty from simple (For the boys) At most Difficult (Awesome ItsLight), so Even the little ones They can even compete with their parents without fear of being left behind!

No academy is complete without a professor and a celebrity Professor Blancini Come back Inside Great Brain Academy: The Challenge of the Mind As a guest. For those who buy the whole game, they are available Others Model, model Exam, Where players Are tested in a series of five functions. The Professor Blancini Will set aside BAnointing Brain Basic non-performance From each, This The game will help earn coins, Useful Open the clothes Of someone Incarnation.

Who needs it TrainSBefore I game Next, There is always mode Stretching the mind, In which Anyone can repeat their favorite actions to get points and medals. You can too come inRe In mode Ghost challenge** CompetitionFurther Against other users’ data. Players can Race Against Other persons who are Family members or friendly competitors with profiles on their friends list, as well as on the Nintendo Switch console From All over the world.

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