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The Metal Gear Solid 2: E3 2000 trailer has been brought out in 4K to date, the rendering is enjoyable!

The Metal Gear Solid 2: E3 2000 trailer has been brought out in 4K to date, the rendering is enjoyable!

L ‘High quality 4K and 8K have become commonplace these days. The Trailer From Metal Gear Solid 2 Not even one thing left to delight fans of the license. An order to achieve High qualityIt is natural to think that taking video and zooming in is enough to improve its quality. e Well, actually a little more complicated than that …

In fact, going from an image of two million pixels to eight million involves difficulties. If no processing is done, it will have a simple zoom and the image will be much less … sharp. The ‘High quality The image has to be recalculated and upgraded in order to get the best magnification. This is exactly what happened to this trailer, now 21 years old.

At that time, there were no such mechanisms as today. It was difficult to copy a video of similar quality on the previous internet. With that, Own 60 frames per second Gonami Couldn’t get much time. To give you an idea, here is the difference between the two Structures :

This Trailer It was changed to please those who found it on the spot. The quality is really high … the elements are sharp and highly visible, as well as the emotions written on the faces of the characters. However, rendering is not perfect for all of them as some flaws are still visible at times. Artificial intelligence, which made it possible to achieve this result, did significant workHowever, not all flaws have yet been identified in order to get the optimal image in some scenes. The Deep learning There is still a long way to go to reach perfection. We are happy to find out everything through this video Digital Foundry.

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What do you think about the result? Let us know in the comments section!

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