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The material U interface of Android 12 is called Google Geoboard Keyboard

9to5Google has discovered new features on the Google Gboard keyboard that are more compatible with Android 12’s Material U interface.

You are designing the new product of Android 12

Android 12 // New product you designed: Source: Google

Next month, Google is expected to release the final version of the upcoming major Android update, Android 12. Material U is a version that can boast of a new design language. This allows you to reuse the dominant colors of your wallpaper in various elements of the interface, but also in Google applications and third-party programs.

Of course, the keyboard object should benefit you. However, this is exactly what Google found on the 9to5 site on the Google Geboard application, a virtual keyboard developed by Mountain View. To find some elements related to Material U, the site specializing in group news actually searches for the source code of version 10.9 of the application.

By cracking the APK file of Google Gboard, 9to5Google has discovered some new features that allow the virtual keyboard to be more integrated with the interface of Android 12. This is especially true for zooming when the key is pressed. It is no longer displayed in a square box, but in a round box. The same is true when a box is pressed for a long time, no longer a rectangle, but a tablet shape with rounded sides.

Modified interface in Gboard settings

Within the application settings, Google Geboard has been edited to highlight some of the themes, especially those that no longer use rounded and rectangular frames.

There was Google Gboard Updated already in recent weeks To add key new features to Android 12, automatic adaptation of keyboard colors to the dominant color of the wallpaper and the shapes of the keys on the keyboard.

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In recent months, Google has already updated many of its applications, making Android 12 ready for launch next month. This is the case Google Contacts, But also Google News Or from Google Chrome. As a reminder, Google has not yet launched the new beta version of Android 12 this month ahead of the final deployment expected in September. Manufacturers need to adapt the update to their various smartphones.