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The Mars Heli should finally leave - from all over the world

The Mars Heli should finally leave – from all over the world

Washington. The American space agency NASA has made a historic comparison by announcing a very special presentation: On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers took off from North Carolina on a successive flight. The engine was in the air for twelve seconds on the world’s first motorized aircraft – 36 meters, which went down in history. Now the first flight to Mars is to be followed – and the release of the videos made a few hours later.

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However, all interested people waited longer for these images than originally planned: due to technical issues, NASA had to postpone another helicopter flight twice to another planet. NASA announced over the weekend that the small intelligent helicopter that landed on Mars on the Perseverance Rover in February will now depart quickly on April 19th. The launch attempt was originally scheduled for April 11.

After flying for 203 days in the dry “Jessero Gorge” lake on Mars, the ingenuity of the rover named “Perseverance” was established in late February. It is diligent to investigate this region for the next two years. The development and construction cost about $ 2.5 billion and took eight years. The vehicle will search for traces of previous microbial life on Mars and study the planet’s climate and geography. The first flight for the 1.8 kilogram mini helicopter was made several years ago. Challenges to Ingenuity:


Ingenuity was initially defended by the diligent rover of Mars. Built-in heaters prevent the electronics from being destroyed on nights with minus 90 degrees. “Being exposed to the surface of Mars will be a big challenge, and surviving the first night on Mars alone without rover protection and power will be an even bigger challenge,” said Chief Engineer Bob Balaram. The small machine has already crossed this barrier.

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Perfect position

The next person to set the ingenuity in the middle of its ten-meter launch pad was currently 250 million kilometers away, so the mini-helicopter had to position itself. Several days after it was dropped from the rover, a process began in which the ingenuity was unlocked from the vehicle and placed in its four hands by its gripper hand.

Thin atmosphere

Under good weather conditions, the NASA team wanted to give permission to start. The rotors must accelerate to 2537 revolutions per minute, and the ingenuity must take off on its historic first flight. Project: It rises three meters in operation, is in the air for 30 seconds and descends again after a total of about 40 seconds. Also, follow bold flights. Rotor blades should rotate many times faster on Mars planes than on Earth. This is because the gravitational pull of Mars is only one-third stronger than that of Earth, but only one percent of the density of the atmosphere at the surface. Ingenuity draws power to this battery by its solar cell. According to Mimi Ang, project manager for “Ingenuity”, the last tests were satisfactory for NASA.

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Historical lucky charm

Engineers have hidden something special under the helicopter’s solar panels: a small piece of cloth from the Wright brothers’ plane attached to a cable. The two were not the only ones involved in the first motor-equipped aircraft on Earth. You will be on the Virgo flight to Mars.

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