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The M87 black hole reveals itself in captivating video

The M87 black hole reveals itself in captivating video

After an HD photo a few days ago, the miraculous black hole of the M87 galaxy emerged from an unprecedented angle.

Credit: University of Valencia

Also known as the Messier 87 galaxy – M87, about 55 million light-years from Earth, it is one of the largest galaxies in the universe near us. Discovered in 1781, this one Imposes a black hole at its center. Following the release of the first HD photo of the celestial body a few days ago, the EHT Telescope Network has taken a new step this time, combining data from nineteen different telescopes – including five from NASA. Video of glowing gas streams And a jet of particles passing through a supermassive black hole. Animated images “Revolutionaries” Kasuhiro Hata of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and co-author of the study, recently published in the journal Letters from the Journal of Astronomy.

Long-term work

All in all, this video of a few minutes will require more than animation 760 Scientists and engineers, Distributed to 200 companies between March and April 2017. A long-term project that will allow humans to learn more about the behavior and life of black holes. According to NASA, “Scientists plan to use this data to improve experiments with Einstein’s theory of general relativity.” These images may help scientists better understand the behavior of cosmic rays, but Slashshire reminds the American media of his role in unraveling their even worse role within the universe. Will Markoff, co-author of the study and “These results will help calculate the amount of energy being transmitted and the impact of black hole jets on its environment.”

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