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The Lord of the Rings MMO Canceled on Amazon - Spokesman Report

The Lord of the Rings MMO Canceled on Amazon – Spokesman Report

Like the next record-breaking series – 5 465 million for the first season alone – this “AAA experience” was to take place before the events of JRR Tolkien’s trilogy, introducing previously unseen locations, characters and creatures. The game was developed by Athlon Games, a Los Angeles-based subsidiary of Chinese publisher Leo Technologies, the developer and owner of Digital Extremes (Warframe) and Splash Damage. Lennox’s acquisition of Tencent last December led to new contract negotiations around the Lord of the Rings MMO. But, according to Bloomberg, no agreement was reached between Amazon and Tencent, resulting in the game being canceled. “We are not in a position to pursue this topic at this time.“, Would have handed an Amazon spokesperson to a major economic platform.

The cancellation is the latest setback for Amazon Game Studio, which has yet to release a game. Last October, Amazon canceled its DBS crucible for a few weeks and returned to the beta box, five months after its release and four months after its release. MMO expects it to be added to the service in the new world in August, highlighting the many developmental and organizational concerns pointed out by Bloomberg and Jason Schreier. Fans of Lord of the Rings can still watch Detail’s The Lord of the Rings: Colum, which is targeted for release next year.

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