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The link with the free update is coming tomorrow, details here -

The link with the free update is coming tomorrow, details here –

God of War His PS5 There will be tomorrow, February 2, 2021, A Patch con update The new Sony console is said to exploit the capability, thus improving the game’s features.

Sony Santa Monica has officially announced that this new batch will be coming on February 2, 2021 Free, Can improve the battle of God to make better use of the best features of PS5 hardware, thus introducing some new features from a technical perspective.

This is not new content, but a Progress Of the graphic systems used for the popular action game on the PS5. With the use of this update, God of War will be displayed in 4K via the checkerboard system and at 60 fps with frame-rate.

This Features New “Advanced Performance Experience” defined by Santa Monica:

  • Synchronization a 60 FPS
  • Resolution 4K on the checkerboard
  • 2160 p

As is well known, the “4K checkerboard” resolution is not a native 4K: although the output is apparently 2160p, the resolution is replaced by a “spreadable” overlay on the image, starting with a lower native resolution.

In any case, the results are excellent and the starting material is definitely of a high quality, as we all know. Anyway, Santa Monica If you prefer, you can verify the return to the graphics system dedicated to the resolution on the PS4 Pro by selecting “Original Performance Experience”, which is 4K and 30 fps on the checkerboard (even if it is not clear what the benefit is). We also remember that God of War is part of the PS Plus collection of games that can be played on the PS5.

In the meantime, we look forward to the news God of War2 God of War: Ragnarok, many fears could be moved to 2022, with some rumors pointing to it as cross-gen, i.e. for PS5 and PS4. Below is a screenshot of the new God of War graphics mode on the PS5.