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The license is not dead, but "not a new big idea"

The license is not dead, but “not a new big idea”

According to Takaya Imamura, a former Nintendo personality and creator of Captain Balkan, it is difficult to bring the F-Zero back to the forefront with the new installment.

Recently Professor at the Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) Following his departure from Nintendo After more than thirty years of good and faithful service, Takaya Imamura Agreed to discuss the future F-Zero In an interview with IGN. He is well aware that fans have been wanting to revoke the license for years, and there is little in blocking it. Nintendo Just like the producers who can hand over the project, take the fall: “For my part, I thought many times about creating a new game, but without a new big idea, it would be hard to bring the series back. However, she did not die …

One of Nintendo’s real problems is no one else Mario Kart This is clear enough to restore the shadow on the F-Zero Comment Contrary to experience, circuits with 3D are very impressive gravity resistant. Complete renewal of the experience is now complex and the art of restarting often leads to failures like Star Fox Zero. Considered the final episode by F-Zero GX Imamura-Chan from Studio Entertainment View (Sega) on GameCube.

Visual sign of F-Zero, Memoirs of Takaya Imamura

Takaya Imamura was the best architect of F-Zero’s success at Nintendo:Before I joined the project, F-Zero had already started as a game aimed at harnessing the capabilities of the new Mode 7. I loved science fiction, so I reworked and edited vehicles designed by Shimizu. . I also designed animated models and characters, and I was responsible for the races. At that time, we were playing with less than 10 people. The F-Zero was created by a particularly small team, so the creator of the images had to create a system of races, among other things.

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